Series 1: World of Mystery

Taken explores the strange phenomena of unidentified flying objects and their off world inhabitants. Are they interstellar beings that traverse the cosmos at near the speed of
light or have they harnessed the infinite power of black holes? With thousands of sightings every year, some have also reportedly been taken by these otherworldly visitors.

But the question remains, are their interactions with us altruistic or nefarious in nature?

TAKEN is #1 of 5 Multiplanes from our Series 1, "World of Mystery." Collect all 5.


• Laser Cut Art on 6 Frames

• Over 15 Unique Elements/Layers

• Frosted Acrylic Beam

• LED Lighting System - Lit Moon, UFO, & Stars

• Printed Embellishments


Dimensions (Assembled): 

7.25"H x 4" L x 2.75" W

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LED Lights:

On/off switch on small wired remote. Includes 2 (CR2032) Button Cell Batteries.