Series 1: World of Mystery

The Oddity takes us deep into the realm of fantasy; a glimpse into the early 19th century where traveling circuses would showcase biological curiosities. Behind lock and key lies the ringmaster of his own exhibition. There by his own volition, he slays the hearts and minds that peer into his world. As the bird and carriage begin it’s turbulent ascent, the Oddity stumbles, leaving one small town for another.

The Oddity is #3 of 5 Multiplanes from our Series 1, "World of Mystery." Collect all 5.


• Laser Cut Art on 6 Frames

• Over 15 unique elements

• 3D Carriage

• Wooden boxes and floor

• Painted embellishments

• Metallic embellishments

• Articulating cage door

• Mini Padlock

• Slotted Base

• Acrylic stand


Dimensions (Assembled): 

9.75"H x 12.50" L x 2.80" W