Since the rise of UFO sightings from the 1940’s onward, numerous reports have surfaced from people who have been visited by the men in black.

Set in Los Angeles, the Men in Black sit stalking in their 1947 Cadillac. Known by their unusual all-black attire, Their mission is anything but usual. Visitations occur when unsuspecting folks delve into the world of UFO sightings or other ominous alien phenomenon.
Looming figures are said to appear out of nowhere striking fear into those they visit. The men, rumored to represent shadow agencies, solely exist to silence those who get too close to the truth of their other worldly encounters.

Men in Black is #2 of 5 Multiplanes from our Series 1, "World of Mystery." Collect all 5.


• Laser Cut Art on 6 Frames

• Over 15 unique elements

• City Lights Up When illuminated from behind

• Acrylic Building & Car Windows

• Chrome Vinyl Embellishments

Dimensions (Assembled): 

4.75"H x 6.95" L x 2.75" W


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