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Chilling tales from Norway tell of an ancient seafaring creature so large, its outstretched tentacles reach the tallest mast of the saltiest ships. For hundreds of years, the legend of
the massive squid known as, the Kraken,has grown along with its purported size.

To this day, the hardiest of seadogs warn not to venture too far from the coast lest
they too become victims of the ship sinking beast.

TAKEN is #4 of 5 Multiplanes from our Series 1, "World of Mystery." Collect all 5.



• Laser Cut Art on 6 Frames

• Over 15 unique elements/layers

• Wooden Ship

• Glitter Toned Squid

• Printed and Painted Elements


Dimensions (Assembled): 

7.25"H x 4" L x 2.75" W

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