“Dreadnought” is our tribute to the 6 string acoustic guitar most players reach for when playing. Their large bodies and narrow waist produce a full robust sound that guitar players love. Our guitar vignette features layers of actual Cherrywood veneer, laser engraved details and painted embellishments.

This baby measures 4” x 7.25” with a depth of 2.75” and will look perfect on your shelf, desk, or display! All MULTIPLANES™ easily and quickly assemble by placing all 6 frames into a slotted base and attaching a lock across the top.


MULTIPLANES™ are an exciting new product line from VINYLSMACK that showcases intricate laser cut art set in immersive multilayer dioramas. Each product features multiple layers that are packed with stunning detail and embellishments. They easily assemble in just minutes by simply dropping each frame into the numbered slots and attaching the lock to secure the finished piece. Each product is designed and hand assembled in California by artist/designer Jacob Morales and members of the VINYLSMACK team.


• Laser Cut Art on 6 Frames

• Hand Painted Strings

• Free Guitar Pick

Dimensions (Assembled): 

7.25"H x 4" W x 2.75" L

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