VINYLSMACK will be at Designercon November 19-20 in Pasadena, Ca!


Mark your calendars. VINYLSMACK will be at Designer Con this November 19-20 at the Pasadena Convention Center. After our first appearance at DCON last year, we have since been hard at work with an amazing new product line that will make its debut at DCON 2016! Stop by and visit us in booth #1706 which is located in Hall C.

About DesignerCon:  Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art!

There is so much in the works from here till then so stay posted and make sure to stop by our booth for more Marvelous Multilayer Creations. Sign up for our newsletter for more info and subscriber only specials that are soon to come. If you’re a fan, show some love and get the word out.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Project 43.

Project 43.

It's been a while since we last updated. Rest and a hard reset were needed! Our last big push was for our public debut at #designercon which was the highlight of the year. Since then, the VINYLSMACK team has been plugging away at some amazing new products that we can't wait to release. Currently under wraps, were calling this Project 43. The first iteration of this new art will take you deep down the rabbit hole and into the world of the mysterious. Cryptids will be among the first to greet you later this year. Do stay posted! #cryptid #cryptozoology#mysterious #vinylsmack #papercraft#design #art #project43 #myth #legend

New Rod Serling Inspired Buttons Available for *Free!

"That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I wanted. That's not fair!" 

Man, that point in the Bemis episode gets me every time.

New to VINYLSMACK, our Rod Serling/Bemis illustration is now home to some swell 2.5" buttons. They're available for $3 or come free with a purchase of either of our "3 Rods" die-cut sticker sets. Pick one up today and show your love for Twilight Zone, Rod Serling, Henry Bemis, and VINYLSMACK!

Vinylsmack is now at Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall & Retro Store!

Our Rod Serling/Twilight Zone inspired die cut sticker sets are now available at my favorite retro toy store, Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall & Retro Store! If you're in the Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys area, you have to make it out to this shop. They have tons of hard to find old toys and new retro stuff as well. Dave and all the employees are just awesome!

Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall is located at: 14109 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91401

Dave Levy of Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall

Dave Levy of Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall

Rod Serling.jpg
Rod Serling
Toy Store

100 Followers on Instagram

100 Strong!

100 Strong!

I didn't notice getting my 1st 100+ followers till today. Thanks to all my customers and new followers for coming along. This was one of my first goals/milestones. 100 might seem like a small number but to me it's 100 people that have chosen to follow my art and design. It's the start to something much bigger. There's so much wicked stuff in the works for VINYLSMACK. Stay posted, follow and share. A million thanks!👌

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The Twilight Zone Inspired Die Cut Stickers...Rod Leads the Way!

My latest product from features The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling. I got this idea a while back. Here’s some of the back story for the inspiration:

I’ve always been a fan of the Twilight Zone and would watch it all day whenever one of the marathons came on. If I remember correctly, they aired on Thanksgiving and on the fourth of July. As a younger kid, I’d watch it from a safe and curious distance. I knew that some of them were creepy so hence the need for a safe distance. As I got older though, I loved some of the weighty topics that Rod Serling would tackle on the show. Many have written on the topic of Rod Serling and how he dealt with social and philosophical issues so I won’t belabor that here. There was something about that feeling after most episodes where I felt I was taken through a nightmare and left unscathed. I learned a lesson of sort through the subject matter. And how could you not love Rod appearing on those intros and outros of the show. He was like a Willy Wonka, taking us through his factory from another dimension. I wish he could’ve done more. 156 episodes weren’t enough!

Now back to the 3 illustrations I designed. Since Rod Serling was such a prolific writer and steered his vision of what the show was, I thought it would be awesome to feature a version of Rod in every illustration; with a twist of course like every episode.

The first I developed is Rod Serling as himself. This first design came from a sketch I did a while back of Rod Serling with very large, black, zombie-like eyes. I did this because of the creep factor of the show at times. I kept it simple and added those Twilight Zone swirls from the show’s intro.

The next design I tackled was inspired by one of my personal favorites, “Time Enough at Last” which starred Burgess Meredith. For this, there’s a few things going on. First, I wanted it to look like Rod but also like “Henry Bemis,” the episode’s main character. Early on I decided that the characters should have Rod’s facial characteristics and have other external elements that make up the actor he’s “portraying. For the Bemis illustration, he’s all Bemis but still Rod under the glasses, crazy hair, and mustache. I also implemented his love of books into his suit, an element most fans would get!

The third design is taken from “The Nick of Time.” For this, instead of having Rod illustrated as William Shatner’s character, I made him the more obvious choice, the mystic from the diner table. He has Rod’s features but shares most of the features from the show version. For the box itself, I brought in elements from his suit to wrap around the box. Instead of copying the words from the box, I thought it fitting to use a portion of Rod’s words at the closing of the show, “Counterbalance in the little town of Ridgeview, Ohio. Two people permanently enslaved by the tyranny of fear and superstitution, facing the future with a kind of helpless dread. Two others facing the future with confidence – having escaped one of the darker places of the Twilight Zone.”

Once I finished designing the 3 illustrations for the die-cut sticker set, I went on to develop the a special edition package that features an envelope in the shape of a TV set complete with a stand on the back. Everything I design at VINYLSMACK has some handmade elements. The set is made of die-cut card stock and a plastic window. I hope you enjoy them. They’re now available for purchase over at:


My Never Ending Story

Alas, the time has come for the next product release! This is my ode to The Never Ending Story. “The Auryn” is a leather textured envelope package with a separate silver and gold multilayer decal on the inside.

Fight against the sadness! No other film from my childhood impacted me more than this. It equally spurred my imagination and terrified me beyond belief. The unforeseen enemy, a disappearing world, 2 heros; both my age, and an empress so beautiful I blushed every time she appeared on the screen. And Falkor, that majestic dog of a dragon; hope delayed, arrives just in time. As the title suggests, The Never Ending Story continues to play out in my life. Be brave. Fight against the sadness.

Now available.

Jacob Morales | Multimedia Designer

Updates for VINYLSMACK | Much More In The Works

Last August I started up this business, VINYLSMACK, a new business venture making creative multilayered decals. It started with the Flux Emancipator, a decal inspired by Back to The Future’s “Flux Capacitor.” Since then I’ve got some good feedback and demand for my product. I’ve also developed many new ideas on the type of products that I will produce. Moving on from just decals, I plan on also making multilayer paper craft creations, stickers, and shirts with original designs by myself and other artists that join the team. I also have a new focus on developing packaging that reinforces the theme of every product. I want every package to be an experience in itself. Something that just blows you away. Something that’s fun to even hold in your hand. I love this new venture because it allows me to have a creative outlet without the boundries that I have in my day-to-day design work that I do in Moving Pixel Media. Please stay tuned to exciting new stuff around the corner.